How Well You Know “The Andy Griffith Show”? Take the Quiz!

Mar 6, 2015 at 11:46 am |

How well do you know the show?

Barney had himself a steady girl for a bit during the show. What was her name?
What brand of car was Sheriff Taylor's police car?
What secret did we learn about Barney and Andy in the first episode of the show?
What was the closest big town to Mayberry?
What got Howard Sprague into trouble with the Mayberry locals?
Whose place did Aunt Bee take over in the Taylor house?
What was Andy's favorite food, according to Barney?
What was the name of the movie that Hollywood made about Sheriff Taylor?
What type of crime went down one time at Floyd's Barbershop?
What was Opie's imaginary friend's name?
What was the one dish that Andy, Opie and Barney couldn't stand when Aunt Bee made?
What is the name of the music family that visited Mayberry every now and then?
What banjo playing comedian replaced Don Knotts on the show for a short time?
What was the title of the movie that Hollywood made about Sheriff Taylor?
What was the name of the British butler who spent time in Mayberry?
Who was Gomer Pyle's cousin?
What future granter of wishes ended up giving manicures in Mayberry?
What was the name of the sisters who ran a still near the outskirts of Mayberry
What was the first show that Andy Griffith first played Andy Taylor on?