Hump Day Distraction: A Rockstar 2-Year-Old Jams Out To The Foo Fighters

Jan 14, 2015 at 12:43 pm |

Happy Hump Day everyone! This video is the perfect quick distraction from your daily activities.

Featured in the video below is a young boy who at an early age has found the passion of becoming a rockstar drummer! He is only 2 years old but has some real potential to take his talents to the recording studio. Only time will tell for this little drummer boy.


The 2-year-old started banging on the drums as soon he could pick up the sticks. His badass facial expressions, along with his musical talent, have allowed the rockstar to go viral. In his latest video, he bangs out the beats to the Foo Fighters’ hit single, “The Pretender.” There are plenty more videos of the boy on Justin Brown’s YouTube page.

Check out where it all began for this 2-year-old.

Source: Justin Brown
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Check out the Foo Fighters’ original version of “The Pretender” to see how well the 2-year-old drummer boy did.

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We can’t remember the last time we saw a two-year-old playing the drums this well! Check it out …