Ian Somerhalder Fangirl Bursts Into Tears When He Refuses to Take a Picture

May 29, 2015 at 5:56 pm |

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Leave Ian alone! Ian Somerhalder, the 36 year old Vampire Diaries┬ástar and his wife, Nikki Reed, 27, were leaving their Paris hotel when they were confronted by a throng of avid fans outside the door. He clearly wasn’t interested in being famous that day and set about shutting it down as quickly as possible.

“Hey guys, listen. No, no. Stop. Everybody listen. I love you guys, I’m not taking a single photo today. It’s my day. Don’t follow us please. I love you guys. You’re so awesome.”

A fangirl standing beside him then pleads with him, “just one? Please?” But it seems the star had already made up his mind, saying “no, it’s not just one.”

He then went on to ask for privacy for the rest of the day. “You guys, don’t follow us please. I love you guys. Do not follow us, okay? It’s too much.”

Apparently, the couple, whose outdoor Malibu wedding took place only a month ago on April 26, just wanted some privacy to bask in their post-nuptial bliss.

To his credit, Ian was super nice about his desire to remain unphotographed. He did insist multiple times that the fans were “awesome” and that he loved them. One wonders though, wouldn’t it have been easier and more efficient just to pose for a couple of pics and be on their way? You think “if I were famous, would I have stopped to take a few pictures?” But then you remember “on most days, probably yes. But on ‘MY DAY’? No way.”

Should Ian have stopped to take a picture with every fan while basking in post-nuptial bliss??