Iggy Azalea Goes on Twitter Rant after Papa John’s Privacy Breach

Feb 10, 2015 at 3:00 pm |

Iggy Azalea is learning the hard way that when you’re a celebrity, you just can’t enjoy life’s simple pleasures, such as delivery pizza. The 24-year-old rapper has been going on a Twitter rant since Sunday, Feb. 8 after a Papa John’s pizza delivery man gave her cell phone number to his sister. Azalea has gone on to accuse the pizza delivery chain of a “breach of privacy,” demanding answers from Papa himself and belittling “mentally challenged” celebrity blogs of blowing her pizza problems out of proportion. (Awkward.)

But if Twitter was invented so that anybody with opposable thumbs could publicize every meaningless thought and feeling to infinite readers on the internet, shouldn’t Iggy be allowed to have this mini breakdown? All that’s missing is a side of coke.

Her cyber-calling out of Papa John’s began with this tweet and only went uphill from there:

Iggy Azalea Papa John's Twitter rant

(Photo by Twitter)

After her initial tweet, Papa John’s responded with this message: Making light of her complaint, the franchise replied without actually apologizing but instead by including a reference to Azalea’s song “Bounce.” Needless to say, Iggy was not happy.

Apparently, when Iggy asked for the identity of the delivery boy, the company refused to give over such confidential information. The rapper called them out for some ironic BS, and rightly so!

Then she gave a shout out to T-Mobile and made some strange, 2000’s-cell-phone-plans (does anybody have minutes anymore?) analogy to the Delivery Debacle of 2015.

But even when Papa John’s responded saying that the employee and his family were being spoken to, the rap star was no appeased.

Then she really demanded some accountability:

Mind you, in between all of these tweets, Iggy also had that whole Grammys thing on Sunday. Unfortunately, the star didn’t win any of her four nominations. Talk about a rough weekend! We doubt she’ll be eating pizza to hold back her tears.

Papa Johns Iggy Azalea privacy breach

(Photo by Jason Merritt/ Getty Images)

It’s not delivery, it’s drama. See what has the rap star so heated up! You won’t believe Papa John’s response…