In Today’s Least-Shocking News: Woman Head-butts Walmart Worker

Feb 13, 2015 at 1:10 pm |

Warning: This video contains explicit language and trashy violence!

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Let this be a warning to keep your personal and professional lives separate!

A video of two women fighting at a Walmart in Texas is going viral after being posted to YouTube earlier this week.

The shocking video shows a Walmart employee in an argument with a customer whom she seems to know from outside of work. Although the worker is warning the other woman to leave at the beginning of the recording, she appears to be the one who escalates the situation by insulting the the customer’s mother.

The biggest surprise comes when the customer then decides to head-butt the worker right in her face. Immediately afterwards, the two “ladies” engage in an all-out brawl that knocks over a display and ends up with them tangled on the floor. Other customers quickly rush in to separate the feuding females.

The best part of the video has to be the customer in the neon pink tank top that passively tells the fighting women, “Ladies, stoppp.” Very convincing! It’s also great how the two arguing women match. You just can’t make these things up.

Do you think the employee deserves to be fired? And could you imagine seeing something like this at your local Walmart? Come to think of it, you probably could.

Can you believe that this employee gets in a fight with a customer? This video will make your jaw drop!