Incredible Video Shows Blast from Mexican Maternity Hospital Explosion

Jan 29, 2015 at 3:33 pm |

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Source: YouTube/Maximino Avina Hurtado

Hold onto your seat as you watch this impactful video taken from a bystander who witnessed the explosion near a maternity hospital in Mexico City this morning, Jan. 29.

The man’s raw footage shows emergency responders investigating a gas leak in Cuajimalpa, on the outskirts of the Mexican capital. A large tanker was making its daily delivery of gas to the women and children’s hospital when workers discovered a propane leakage. The workers tried frantically to repair the damaged hose while urging patients and staff to leave the premises. Amidst the commotion, however, many people went into the hospital thinking that it would be safer inside than outside.

Unfortunately, responders were unable to contain the leak, and a large cloud of gas formed, only to ignite minutes later. The emotional video shows that the explosion took onlookers by surprise as the man behind the camera exclaims, “Jesus Christ! Relax, relax, […] stay calm!” The blast mainly affected the reception and emergency room area. Sadly, the neonatal unit was also damaged, and at least two people were killed with over 55 others reported to be injured.

A Univision journalist posted steadily on his Twitter following the tragedy:

This final tweet was left untranslated. It reads “Probably the worst tragedy in Mexico City since the earthquake in ’85. Truly tragic what happened today in #Cuajimalpa”

This man’s raw footage captured the moment a gas truck exploded outside a maternity hospital. See it here!