Indiana Woman Stabbed Over ‘Last Rib’ at Family BBQ

May 29, 2015 at 2:26 pm |

Sabrina Davis

(Delaware County Jail)


Some people take their BBQ very seriously.

An Indiana woman was taken to jail last week after she stabbed another woman in the eye over a fight involving the last rib in the kitchen at a barbecue.

Sabrina Davis, a 45 year old woman was arrested on a preliminary charge of criminal recklessness for committing the act The Star Press reports. Sabrina was welcomed into the gathering of a neighboring family’s BBQ and got into a dispute with the daughter of the family after she reportedly nabbed “the last rib from the kitchen.”

The daughter continued to confront Davis “about taking all the food” and that’s when Sabrina freaked out in response by stabbing the girl in the eye with the same fork she had been using to serve herself. The daughter responded by grabbing a knife from the counter which she then used to go after Davis herself.

Davis maintains that the other woman had brandished the knife first and she was acting in self-defense but, regardless, the dispute still took place over the last rib in a pan.

Admit it, you’ve felt this way before.