Intense Kitty Just Found His New Favorite App

Oct 13, 2015 at 12:33 pm |

Kitten Tries to Catch Mice on iPad

Adorable Kitten Tries to Catch Mice on iPad

Source: Rumble/@MargaritaKristjansen

Just as our own lives are slowly being infiltrated by tech devices, so are the lives of our pets. After all, what does a kitten care whether it’s chasing a real mouse or a digital image? It all looks pretty cute to us (and now you don’t have to deal with a a dead mouse being left on your pillow as an offering. Thanks kitty.)

Watch as this adorable ball of fluff gives 110% effort in trying to catch different video game mice. Why do they keep hiding? How are these two-dimensional mice defying the laws of nature?

You have to wonder whether the app was actually designed for a kitten or for humans. Soon our kittens will just have their own iPads to play with.

Either way, this fierce feline deserves to level up.

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Source: Intense kitten attempts to catch mice on iPad by MargaritaKristjansen on Rumble

This spastic kitten is iPad addicted. ADORBS.