Is This the World’s Smallest Pug?

May 28, 2015 at 5:18 pm |

Meet Pip, the world’s newest celeb-pug.

Pip’s become a viral sensation since being recognized as one of the world’s smallest pugs.  The four month old miniature canine weighs in at a tiny 1.4 pounds and is only 4 inches tall, which makes her about half the size of a normal pug puppy her age.

Her owner, pug breeder Joanne Astley, says she is so small that when she takes her out, the pint sized pup has to be carried in her handbag.  She’s smaller than a bottle of soda and can fit inside a gravy boat.

She’s trending all over the web and has fans and admirers from around the globe.  Here she is, below, with her mom, two year old Ruby.

The pint sized pup was born the runt of a litter of four and has had some health concerns, such as pneumonia and a cleft palette.  But her owner says she is doing well!  Her sister, Poppy, is double her size and, according to Astley, sometimes plays too rough for the timid and gentle Pip.

Remember this guy?  This is Hulk, the giant pitt bull who became a viral sensation over the winter for being a 175 pound behemoth.  One Hulk equals 125 Pips!

But Hulk is old news.  Today is about Pip.  Small is the new big.

Meet Pip, a contender for the world’s smallest pug puppy. At four inches tall and weighing in a 1.4 pounds, this pint-sized pup is one of the tiniest on Earth!