Jared Leto Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore!

Mar 3, 2015 at 9:27 am |

Jared Leto‘s hair was a piece of art and truly loved by so many.

His beard and long hair first gained notoriety during the 2014 awards season. Now the 43-year-old has removed more than just a few inches of it. 

On March 2, Suicide Squad writer David Ayer posted a cruel picture on his Twitter account, teasing fans with a pair of scissors against Jared’s famous mane. Ayer wrote: “Should we?” 

The answer was “NO!” by an overwhelming majority of his fans and followers. Leto also teased his fans by posting a photo on his own Instagram account Feb. 28th. He wrote: “Going going… #?”

Going going… #?

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That afternoon (March 2), Leto posted a clean-shaven photo of himself. This stirred sadness and mourning amongst so many, and shall forever be a day to remember.

All those years of hard work and patience to grow in the perfect look is over. Leto posted a recent photo on his Instagram, post haircut, stating: “I miss my beard already.” 

Suicide Squad forced Leto to get a haircut because he will star as the Joker in the upcoming film. Other cast members include Will Smith and Margot Robbie.


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You won’t believe what Jared Leto looks like without his long hair! Do you miss it already? Check it out …