Jenelle Evans Top 3 Butt Exercises

Sep 25, 2015 at 9:29 am |

Have you seen Teen Mom Jenelle Evans in a bikini? Be jealous. Be very jealous. Jenelle’s body is incredible and she works out hard to get in shape. She visited our office and we begged her to share her best butt workout and all her workout tips. Hint: there will be squats. Watch the video for Jenelle Evans top workout tips for a great butt.

Of course we know that there’s more to it than these 3 butt exercises. But Jenelle’s body has been through an amazing transformation over the past couple months and working out regularly is part of her secret sauce. So, if this fab MTV Teen Mom does this butt workout, we’ll be doing it too.

Keep in mind you’ve got to build these into a daily regimen. Squats and all. But as Jenelle says, with hard work, will come results! Here we go, ladies!

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There will be squats, people.