Jessica Simpson Flaunts Her Body Again: Her Road to Weight Loss

Feb 19, 2014 at 7:20 am |

Jessica Simpson Weight Watchers Ad


Jessica Simpson.  No matter the way she looks, 60 pounds heavy or 60 pounds lighter, there’s no denying that she’s always a knockout beauty.  The 5’2 singer is well known for fluctuating in her weight; this is especially true during both of her pregnancies.

As if Jessica didn’t know she had gained weight, magazines all across the country were plastering pictures of her on every cover imaginable.  Jessica admits that these covers bothered her.  She told Bianna Golodryga, a Good Morning America correspondent, that she was so insecure and couldn’t believe what she weighed.

We all know that losing a few pounds can be like trying to climb a mountain that never quits getting taller.  So, how in the world did Jessica manage to lose so much weight this past year in such a short period of time?  More importantly, how did she manage to do it and stay healthy?  Let’s take a quick look at Jessica’s road to weight loss.

After Jessica had her daughter in 2012, she went on to lose 50 pounds.  While this feat was one that was much cherished by her, she soon learned that she was yet again pregnant.  It was just seven months ago that she gave birth to her second child.  After having her son, Jessica admits that she never thought she would see herself weigh that much; however, she also pushes the fact that women should never be ashamed of the weight they gain during pregnancy.

Jessica should give all her credit to weight loss to Weight Watchers and a good personal exercise trainer.  In fact, Jessica secured a $4 million contract with Weight Watchers to lose her baby weight.  Heck, we’re pretty sure that most people could lose quite a bit of weight if they were going to be rewarded $4 million.  We’re also pretty sure that if every person in the United States had a personal trainer, we would all be much healthier.

Jessica recently flaunted her new body in a new Weight Watcher’s advert.

She looks great.  Absolutely beautiful.  And as bad as Weight Watchers probably wants to take credit for her weight loss, we’re going with the fact that money and a personal trainer are what really led Jessica down her road to weight loss.

Jessica Simpson has done a great job at losing weight after her last pregnancy, and there’s no denying that much credit needs to be given to her personal trainer and a $4 million contract from Weight Watchers.