John Oliver Bashes New Year’s Eve

Dec 29, 2014 at 12:53 pm |

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New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and when John Oliver is on the case, no one is safe from his tirade against the holiday!

The hilarious host of Last Week Tonight posted a YouTube video today (while the show is on a holiday hiatus) to let us know his true feelings about New Year’s Eve. Relating the holiday to “the death of a pet,” Oliver says that NYE combines “three of the least pleasant things known to mankind: forced interaction with strangers, being drunk, cold, and tired, and having to stare at Ryan Seacrest for five solid minutes waiting for him to tell you what the time is.” That does sound awful!

But his rant doesn’t stop there! Oliver also pokes fun at strip clubs and Ebola, dietary cleanses (no one wants to hear about them!), and even The Boondock Saints. What? CallingĀ Boondock Saints an awful movie? Oliver clearly has no love for Beantown.

Do you hate New Year’s Eve, too? No worries! Oliver has an escape scenario for both men and women. So if you’re dreading being alone (or surrounded by annoying drunk people) when the clock strikes midnight, watch this video now and sort yourself out before the year ends!

Hate New Year’s Eve? So does John Oliver! Listen to his hilarious rant here!