John Oliver Starts #JeffWeCan Campaign Against Tobacco Companies

Feb 17, 2015 at 5:10 pm |

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Meet the new face of Marlboro: Jeff the Diseased Lung in a Cowboy Hat.

John Oliver, host of the HBO show Last Week Tonight, came up with a campaign to take on one of the evilest companies in the world: Philip Morris International.

PMI has several brands of cigarettes; however, the most popular is Marlboro. And in case it’s past your time, Marlboro is famous for using the “Marlboro Man” for their advertisements.

Normally, Oliver loves to poke fun at most things. However, in his latest episode, Oliver had a little more serious tone when he went on a PMI rant and talked about his disgust with tobacco corporations.

After explaining how PMI is racking up massive profits for the destruction that smoking cigarettes causes, Oliver introduced the hashtag #JeffWeCan– a play on President Obama’s infamous “Yes We Can” campaign slogan.

Jeff, “a diseased lung in a cowboy hat,” is the face of Oliver’s latest ploy to help bring down tobacco companies.

If you are against smoking, you can help by using the hashtag #JeffWeCan and uploading an image of Jeff to your Google+ account.

The video is not only hilarious, but it can help make a change in a world where smoking needs to be stopped, not to mention bringing down multi-billion dollar industries that are profiting off of giving people lung cancer.

Are you against smoking and big tobacco companies indirectly killing millions of people? Watch this hilarious video and do your part!