Justin Bieber Charged With Assault – Still Feels ‘Confident’

Jan 30, 2014 at 12:18 pm |

Justin Bieber Smoking Cuban Cigar

Photo Credit: Instagram/justinbieber

Justin, oh Justin.  Things really aren’t going good for Bieber lately.  Not only he is under investigation for egging his neighbor’s house, he was arrested just last week for DUI, drag racing and resisting arrest.  And now, to top things off, he’s been formally charged with assault.  In fact, Biebs handed himself over to Toronto police last night so he could be booked and charged, but of course it’s no surprise that he was immediately released.

Many people are wondering where in the world these charges are coming from.  Back in December, Justin was one of six people at a nightclub who were picked up by a limo.  As Bieber was being toted around in luxury, it has been stated that the limo driver and one of the passengers got into an altercation in which the passenger struck the driver on the back of the head several times.  The driver got out of the vehicle and called police, but when officers arrived, the passenger had left the scene.


Was it Justin that hit the driver?  We have no idea, but we do know that enough evidence has been found to charge the pop-star with assault.  Assault is a very serious charge.  In fact, if convicted, Justin will most likely have to spend a few days in jail or agree to taking part in anger management counseling.  Worse of all, this charge is considered to be violent.  If Justin was a regular human-being, this would mean he would be banned from getting certain jobs; however, we don’t think getting a job is something for Bieber to be worried about he even posted this clip on Instagram yesterday promoting his new single Confident – obviously the arrest and charges aren’t slowing him down.

Will any of this have an effect on Justin’s ability to stay in the United States?  As a Canadian native, Justin never established citizenship here in the states.  And while nothing that he’s done has harmed his ability to stay here, Americans have their own agenda in mind.  On Wednesday, a petition was created in hopes of having Bieber deported from the United States due to being a self-admitted drug abuser, a bad example for children, and having so many run-ins with the police.  The petition has garnered more than 100,000 signatures.

There’s no denying that the next few months are going to be full of court appearances for Bieber.  He’s due back in court in Toronto on March 10 for his assault case, and it’s not yet known when his next appearance for his DUI will be.  All we have to say is that Justin should be more than happy with his limited number of court appearances compared to the number he would have been required to go to had all the complaints against him this past year been prosecuted.

The Biebs handed himself over to Toronto police last night so he could be booked and charged for assault, but of course it’s no surprise that he was immediately released.