Kanye West Cries, Apologizes to Beck and Bruno Mars

Feb 27, 2015 at 1:56 pm |

The world really is coming to an end as a result of a dress and some llamas – up is down, down is up, and Kanye is acting like a human being.

The prince of egoism stepped down from his throne to offer an olive branch to performers Beck and Bruno Mars via Twitter yesterday for his wrongdoings. The rapper apologized for interrupting Beck’s Grammy speech – effectively making the artist’s most important life moment about himself – and then subsequently announcing that the award should have gone to fellow nominee Beyoncé in order to “respect artistry.” Though, it turned out Beck didn’t care so much anyhow – because some people are chill like that.

Then Kanye really got on his mid-afternoon emo kick and decided he might as well apologize to Bruno Mars, too, capping it off with an offer to collaborate with him. (It may seem absurd to assume someone wants to work with you after you’ve publicly denounced their work, but we have to remember – baby steps.)

To top things off, the rapper got emotionally overwhelmed during an interview with Zane Lowe from BBC Radio 1 while chatting about his new collection for Adidas. To be fair, the conversation had meandered into a discussion about the late Louise Wilson, who was a mentor, friend and fashion professor for Yeezy. Kanye attended the fashion icon’s memorial service on the 20th, which might have to do with Kanye’s raw, emotional state.

Do we expect this to become a trend for Kanye? Probably not – but we’re happy to see Yeezy taking it easy for a change.

It seems that Yeezy is having a change of heart all of the sudden. How sincere do you think he’s being?