Kid Finds Organ Mixed in with His KFC Chicken

Feb 10, 2015 at 11:55 am |

A teen in Stockton, California found something in his KFC meal that reminds us all why we shouldn’t eat fast food.

In his order, the high school student named Manuel Cobarubies found what he believed was a chicken brain mixed in with his chicken breasts, thighs, and corn.

Cobarubies then tweeted KFC for an apology. The “restaurant” responded, however, there was no refund given. Cobarubies then contacted TV station KTXL. After talking to the TV station, the teen got a call from Richard Romas, a KFC consultant. Cobarubies then was told he would get a refund.

But there is even more good news! Ramos informed Cobarubies that the organ was not a brain… It was more likely a kidney or gizzard. Yum!

The organ found in the meal looked like a brain but is still a mystery. What do you think it is?