New Year, New Dictator: Kim Jong-Un’s Fresh Look

Feb 20, 2015 at 11:38 am |

When you’re your country’s supreme leader, there’s got be a lot of pressure on your looks and style.

This is true for Kim Jong-un perhaps more so than any nation’s figurehead. Although reclusive, the leader of North Korea is constantly under the careful watch of the international community. With less than 30 legal haircuts in the country, how’s a dictator First Secretary of the Worker’s Party supposed to stand out and express himself?

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the emperor’s dictator’s new ‘do.

Described so far as “ambitious” and a “power haircut,” the look consists of higher, slick-backed hair and shaved eyebrows. Yes, shaved eyebrows.

Is the haircut fitting for the supreme leader? Unfortunately for Kim Jong-un, if any of his stylists didn’t like the new ‘do, they couldn’t tell him so (or they have since gone missing).

See what hysterical comparisons Twitter users of the world (except North Korea) have come out with already:

Is it a hairdo or a hair-don’t? And what in the world did he do to his eyebrows? See if you’d sport this look…