Are Kylie Jenner’s Racy Photos an Extreme Call For Attention?

Mar 30, 2015 at 2:17 pm |

pool day @ the Disick mansion

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Kylie Jenner popped on her Instagram account recently and posted some very risqué pictures of herself in a tiny bikini. This weekend she was lounging by the pool with big half-sister’s boyfriend, Scott Disick.

The two were hanging at “The Lord’s” House, which he shares with his boo Kourtney Kardashian and their three kids.

But wait a second – what’s up with this 17-year-old showing off her body like that?

thanks @goldteethgod for the necklace of my G wagon

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From the looks of these pics it seems possible that the youngest member of the Kardashian clan has already put herself through some plastic surgery. Look at those massive hips. When did that happen?


Kylie loves to imitate her older sister Kim K with all of her selfies, and it seems that she is already headed down her sister’s path. So what’s next… a porn video with Tyga?

Ok I'm done

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Its clear Kylie is in desperate need for attention. But who can blame her, when sister Kendall’s career has skyrocketed as a supermodel and she’s getting all the major photo shoots?

Kylie, put some clothes on and stop trying to use social media to expose your body. You are better than that… Or at least we hope so! And stop being so self-absorbed – there’s a whole world outside your little bubble!

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Is Kylie Jenner going too far with her Instagram pictures? What is going through her 17-year-old head? Comment below!