Lady Gaga Rules the Oscars with Breathtaking ‘Sound of Music’ Tribute

Feb 23, 2015 at 9:53 am |

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It looks like Lady Gaga still has some tricks up her sleeve – or shall we say, her dishwashing gloves.

Last night during the 87th Academy Awards, Gaga gave an unexpected, yet powerful performance commemorating one of America’s cinematic pillars, The Sound of Music.

Stepping out amidst a forest of birches and orchestral members, a set simple and worthy of “someone like Maria,” the pop singer took the stage and showed us yet again why she has warranted all the buzz she’s caused since she took the scene by storm with The Fame in 2008.

It takes cojones to stand up in front of millions and sing Julie Andrews’ role (while Julie Andrews herself is standing in the wings sipping tea, pinky askew), but an up-to-the-challenge Gaga proved that she’s not only a Fame Monster, but a multi-faceted musician who is carefully playing out her career with the same pointedness that that Bobby Fischer would use to approach a chess match.

Moving seamlessly through the soundtrack, from “The Sound of Music,” to “My Favorite Things,” “Edelweiss,” and closing with “Climb Ev’ry Mountain,” Lady Gaga earned herself a standing ovation, and then she was basically unofficially knighted by Julie Andrews herself when she came out on stage to give Gaga her sincere gratitude for the tribute.

It’s been a solid month for Lady Gaga , with two lauded award season performances under her belt, as well as her recent Valentine’s engagement to handsome beau Taylor Kinney.

Now that Gaga has finally earned some respect from everyone in the family (including grandma and grandpa,) we’ll see which part of the board she chooses to conquer next.

Gaga gave a performance so powerful that it helped solidify the longevity of her career. Were you stunned?