LAPD Helps Terminally Ill Mother Throw Her Daughter a Quinceañera

Sep 2, 2015 at 7:12 pm |

Jazmine Delgado and Her Mother Were Thrown the Party of a Lifetime

Every little girl deserves a coming of age party, a moment when she gets to feel like a princess and make her big introduction into the world. That’s how the LAPD felt when they met 14-year-old Jazmine Delgado and her mother Beatriz, who suffers from terminal brain cancer. When the Los Angeles Police Department heard Beatriz’s story and learned that throwing her daughter a proper quinceañera was her dying wish, they rallied the community together to make this family’s dream come true.

“I never expected this to happen,” Jazmine said to SoCal 4. “I’m happy to be here having my party and I invited a lot of friends.”

The LAPD’s Central Division ran into Jazmine’s family during a community movie night, and it was then that they learned that her parents didn’t have enough money to throw their daughter a party due to medical expenses. Inspired by their story, the force jumped on a mission to show Jazmine and her mom a night that they would never forget.

On August 22nd Jazmine, who also has a disabling disease, showed up to her party decked out in a pink quinceañera dress fit for a princess, accented with sparkly slippers provided by a local clothing store. A mariachi band (and a surprise performance from one of the officers!) serenaded Jazmine’s friends and family and while they enjoyed catered food as well, as a massive caked donated by a local bakery.

“The more people who found out about it, the more it grew,” LAPD Community Relationship Division Captain Ruby Malachi said to People.

The pièce de résistance was a tearful mother-daughter dance at the end of the night.“I could tell [Beatriz] was experiencing a little pain, but her smile was from ear to ear,” says Sgt. Janet Kim, one of the officers who helped to spearhead the event. “Watching Jazmine and how happy she is and how energetic and just ecstatic she is about today, that’s the reward for all of us.”

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It was her mother’s dying wish. So happy to see a wonderful story about our police force.