Learn About the New Eating Disorder Caused By Social Media

Nov 5, 2015 at 2:53 pm |

Is Instagram Changing Your Eating Habits?

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We’re all familiar with a friendly health food post streaming across our Instagram ticker – the clean white dishware sitting atop leather-bound books, featuring chunks of organic banana-walnut granola and a dollop of greek yogurt, maybe a kale smoothie (or black coffee) to pair. Beautiful composition. Everything in its place. And if you truly are what you eat, representing your healthy lifestyle through pictures of your diet only takes the idea to the next level.

But has the obsession with the #eatclean trend becoming overwhelming? And have the moralization of healthy living, and the symbols we use to represent ourselves on social media to show that we are healthy people taken over our lives?

A recent article published by web mag Broadly has awakened the world to the term “orthorexia” – a new form of eating disorder that may have always been in existence, but has seen a broadening effect in the era of social media. The official term was initially coined by a gentleman named Dr. Steven Bratman back in 1997, who defined the disease as “an unhealthy obsession with healthy food.”

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At first glance this might seem silly – why are we freaking out over people eating healthy food? That’s HEALTHY right? But it’s not the diet itself that’s the problem (at least at first), its the anxiety and the obsession with the diet that has created issues. It’s the diet’s ability to reach deep down into a person’s life and control it from so many different directions.

While the disease hasn’t officially been accepted into the medical community, Bratman has written and published several books on the topic to bring. However, Bratman wasn’t the person who brought the term mainstream…

Could social media be changing your eating habits?