Lessons From Pregnant Kim Kardashian’s String Bikini

Aug 26, 2015 at 2:20 pm |

Kim Kardashian’s Unabashed Maternity Style

Kim Kardashian is never afraid to rock her body. In fact, she’s pretty famous for it. She practices breaking the internet like its a weekly yoga routine and has recently become the most followed person on the Instagram multiverse, roping in a casual 44 million followers (you know, just the equivalent of the population of South Africa.)

Most people are inundated with images of her lips, her hair, her ass and her cleavage on a regular basis, whether they seek it out voluntarily or not. Now midway through her pregnancy, the über icon is featuring a new body part, an element of femininity that grants most pregnant woman their own 15 minutes (9 months) of fame, her baby bump. And leave it to Kim Kardashian to bear her bump like its the hottest accessory of the season. Pregnant or not, baby weight or not, billowing bump or not, Kim Kardashian is still happy to show up on your newsfeed wearing a string bikini and nothing else. So is there something to be taken from her glory and unabashed body sharing through the course of her pregnancy?

There certainly should be zero shame involved.

Recently a woman who was four months pregnant was asked to leave the Planet Fitness where she worked out because her baby bump was causing her midriff to show, which violated the dress code for the facility — though prior to her pregnancy the woman received no flack for wearing the same top. This is unacceptable. But what’s the alternative?

Kim K. is bearing her baby bump like it’s the hottest accessory of the season in a string bikini, and it’s awesome. Here’s why…