Macklemore Looks Like Muppet Pimp in ‘Sesame Street’ Cameo

Jan 13, 2015 at 1:35 pm |

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Macklemore made his fist appearance on the PBS show this week with a newly coined name from The Street, “Mucklemore.”


In the video the award-winning rapper, Oscar, and his fellow grouches rap about their desire for gross, crummy, scrummy, trash. Although “Mucklemore” looks more like a muppet pimp than anything else, the song’s cute new lyrics are just as catchy as the original.

So remember, “one grouch’s trash is another grouch’s outfit.”

Perhaps Macklemore is prepping to be a first-time dad after he and his fianceé Tricia Davis announced that she was pregnant last week!

Check out the heartwarming announcement that the couple dropped earlier this month below.

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Dad-to-be Macklemore is getting some good practice in. Check out his appearance on ‘Sesame Street!’