Madonna Falls Hard On Stage, Handles Herself Beautifully!

Feb 26, 2015 at 11:45 am |

When you’ve been performing as long as Madonna has, you understand that art is not perfection – there’s bound to be a few flubs.

So when Madge went down (like, really went down) at the Brit Awards on Wednesday night (Feb. 25,) it’s no surprise that the stage veteran stood right back up and gave the remainder of the performance an added boost of vim and vigor. Of course, that didn’t stop the tumble from becoming an instant internet sensation:

However, what’s not clear is exactly what happened up there onstage with all that fabric, but it seems Madonna accidentally “got the bull by the horns” in the worst way possible, catching her fabric around one of the other performer’s costumes during the matador themed number. But when in doubt, blame Armani.

Oddly enough, the fall seems to be the best bit of publicity that Madonna’s gotten in good long while. After being pinned for her seemingly racist marketing campaign for her new album Rebel Heart, a moment of public sympathy might be exactly what she needed.


Madonna proved last night that she’s a true professional after taking a big onstage tumble. Find out how the world reacted…