Madonna Suffocates Drake With Intense Kiss at Coachella

Apr 13, 2015 at 12:08 pm |

Coachella always brings on an interesting mix of fashions, standout music performances and strange celebrity behaviors – but this year’s festivities have all been distilled down to one very special moment: Madonna jumping on stage for a special surprise performance with Drake and sucking some serious face with the hip-hop star.

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise to anyone since it’s on the first page of “Madge’s Stage Tips for Grabbing Attention.”

However, times have changed Madonna (meaning we’ve ALL gotten older), and the 56-year-old queen of pop didn’t just sensitively dock with Drake’s 28-year-old lips, she went into full-on mouth vacuum mode. And it all wouldn’t have been so bad, except for Drake’s reaction. He looks like a baby bird who got a distasteful flavor in his last serving.

Of course, social media jumped on the awkward stage moment, and now there are memes galore.

There was a time when every man on the planet wanted to make out with Madonna, and that time was in the late ’80s. We love you Madge, but it might be time to retire.

Madonna pulled a Madonna at Coachella. Drake’s reaction is priceless!! Was this planned or not?