Martha Stewart Shocks Everyone at Justin Bieber’s Roast – You’ve Gotta Hear This!

Mar 31, 2015 at 11:27 am |

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Let’s be honest – we were all a little leery about a 73-year-old Home & Garden perfectionist roasting Justin Bieber, even if she has spent some time in the slammer.

People have been looking forward to the roasting of Justin Bieber for quite some time, and the last thing we wanted to see was Martha Stewart giving him a slight paddle on the behind, rather than a fleet of fire-witted comedians going full force. Martha’s Tweet promoting the event left us wondering if she was too soft for the job…

But boy, were we wrong. It turns out Martha really is the perfect hostess for any event.

Not only did Martha come for Bieber with her perfectly manicured nails out, but she delivered one of the raunchiest punchlines of the evening to fellow roaster, Ludacris.

Watch the clip above, which ended up being one of the “climaxes” of the evening.

We promise never to underestimate you again, Martha.

You’ll never believe what came out of Martha’s mouth!