Meet the World’s Largest Domestic Cat

Sep 2, 2015 at 4:11 pm |

savannah cat


Let us introduce you to Scarlett’s Magic, a savannah cat, officially the world’s largest domesticated cat. At a staggering 4.5 foot length, this savannah cat would make your living room feel like a safari.

But you don’t get to become the world’s biggest kitty without the proper parents. So where did Scarlett get her genes? This animals is a man-made combination between your typical house cat and the serval, a medium-sized African wild cat native to the Sahara.

savannah cat

Another savannah cat that weighs in at 18-lbs. Source: Imgur/phenomenalcosmicpowers

Although Scarlett’s Magic is comfortable around humans, this kitty definitely has a wild streak – so be prepared to hear some casual roars over a cuddly meow if you’re looking to adopt one.

Critiques of the breed complain that they’re too wild, but like dogs they’re known to be extremely loyal, and will follow their owners around the house. Amazingly, they can also be trained to walk on a leash and fetch. But be careful not to put anything too important on top of the fridge, this guy is also capable of leaping up to 8 feet.

Breeders Kim and Lee Draper, who run a hybrid habitat in SoCal, produce litters of the breed, which can run up to $25,000, so dig deep into those pockets before trying to shell out for this rare breed.

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WOAH. My living room would feel like a safari.