Miami Police Used Mug Shots of African-Americans For Target Practice

Jan 16, 2015 at 4:58 pm |

National Guard soldier and Florida native Sgt. Valerie Deant was in tears after she found her brother’s face on a mug shot penetrated by bullet holes. The mug shots were used as target practice for Miami police officers.

The sight of bullet holes in the eyes and forehead of then 18-year-old brother Woody Deant had Sgt. Deant in shock, calling her brother and telling him, “Oh my God they used you as target practice.”

The photo was taken roughly 15 years ago, but the outrage of actual people being used for shooting practice is causing uproar.

What is also disturbing is that, as you can see in the video, all six of the people in the mug shot are African-American.

With so much controversy between police and African-Americans going on at the moment, this will surely only add fuel to the fire.

North Miami Beach Police Chief J. Scott Dennis defends the use of mug shots for target practice, claiming that using photos of real human beings is vital for facial recognition drills. Dennis also added that the police use photos of all races and sexes.

Would you mind the police using a photo of you for target practice?

Were Miami police wrong for using real people for target practice? Watch the video to see if their argument holds up…