Mini Pig Sees First Leaf Pile, Proceeds to Have the Best Day Of Her Life

Nov 6, 2015 at 2:24 pm |

This Pig Is Overwhelmed With Fall Frivolity

pig playing in leaves

Source: YouTube/TammyScheers

White girls aren’t the only creatures obsessed with Fall, Willow the mini pig has recently discovered that it’s also her favorite time of year. Why? Leaves, durrr!!

Willow came across her first pile of leaves in the yard recently, and basically acted like she’d taken three tabs of strong ecstasy. After committing to a hardcore 1080 degree spin, the pig jettisons her body into the leaf pile with abandon. It’s almost like she’s choreographing a Twyla Tharp contemporary dance with the leaf pile itself. Pure joy.

The only sad thing about this video is that it couldn’t be longer. Clearly there’s endless amounts of serotonin inside this piglet, and I want to see more.

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The pig absolutely LOSES it. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH.