Miss Universe National Costumes Make Geography Sexy!

Jan 26, 2015 at 11:09 am |

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Source: Miss Universe

Miss Colombia was crowned Miss Universe 2014 in Miami last night, Jan. 25. The winner, 22-year-old Paulina Vega, is the second Colombian to win the prized title; the last time was in 1958. Miss USA placed as first runner-up, followed by Miss Ukraine, Miss Netherlands, and Miss Jamaica.

After beating out 87 other women and being crowned, Vega stated, “We are proud; this is a triumph, not only personal, but for all those 47 million Colombians who were dreaming with me and were part of this whole process.”

While pageants are well known for their swimsuit segment, what really took the world by storm this year was the national costumes portion, which was colorful, sexy, and… educational.

In the national costumes part of the competition, the women were dressed in dazzling displays of feathers, jewels, and costumes that were either traditional, representative, or otherwise stereotypical of their nation and culture. Crowd favorites included Miss Great Britain, Miss Indonesia, Miss Nigeria, and Miss Argentina.

While many contestants, especially from South American countries, took this opportunity to show off some serious skin, other women dressed more conservatively. This is especially true for Miss Spain, who dressed as Queen Isabella the Catholic or Miss Canada, who dressed as an extravagant hockey player.

Check out some of the amazing costumes below!

Who knew that geography could be so sexy?

Learning about culture has never been so much fun! See the stunning costumes (and their wearers) here…