Must Watch: Marcel the Shell Covers Stevie Nicks

Dec 18, 2014 at 10:47 am |

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Jenny Slate – the voice and creator of the viral Marcel the Shell videos – went on Conan on Tuesday (Dec. 16) and gave us all a surprise performance.

Marcel, Jenny’s adorable stop-motion creation, is a living shell with sneakers who has appeared in several cut-footage, interview-styled short films starting with “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On” in 2010. Aside from her unique visage, Marcel is perhaps best known for her endearing, raspy voice.

Slate talks to Conan about other situations where she sometimes defaults to uses Marcel’s iconic voice, such as when faced with tiny defeats throughout the day, or even for small words of encouragement.

Most recently, however, Marcel has embarked on a new journey: song covers. As a special sneak preview, Jenny sings a sample from Stevie Nick’s classic “Landslide” in Marcel’s voice. And you’d better believe that little shell has some big lungs! Just when you thought Stevie Nicks couldn’t be any more perfect, Marcel goes ahead and adds a strange level of cuteness to this otherwise deep and saddening song.

Watch the Conan clip above and the original Marcel short below!

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What do you get when you mix Marcel the Shell with Stevie Nicks? Watch here!