Must Watch: SNL Parodies Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad

Jan 19, 2015 at 10:43 am |

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Whether you pick on him or praise him, you just can’t get enough Justin Bieber.

It’s a new take on the video that’s had everyone talking since it was released a couple of weeks ago. Fans and critics alike immediately cried ‘Photoshop!’ and ranted about how Bieber was suddenly buff, oddly sexualized, and surprisingly mature. While he’s handled the insults in a typically immature fashion (“Photoshop lol”), Justin has taken the comedy stretches in stride.


This isn’t the first parody of Justin’s much talked about Calvin Klein commercials, but it’s bigger, better, and much more raw. Saturday Night Live‘s Kate McKinnon stars as a squatter, rounder, more immature Bieber in what is meant to be the ‘unedited’ takes from the actual photoshoot, and the result is pretty hilarious.

In the parody, ‘Bieber’ addresses all of the major recent points of contention: his tattoos, his chemistry with his fellow model, his love of basketball and boxing, his maturity, and, of course, his bulge.

The funniest lines from the skit have to be “Yo, my peepee’s in there” and “My Calvins: clothes for my big wiener.” Keep an eye on that suspicious package as it keeps growing throughout the video.

So do you prefer this parody or the original? If you’re an unwavering Belieber, you can watch the original ad below:

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Whether you loved or hated Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein campaign, you have to see this comedic take…