Neville Longbottom Doesn’t Look Like This Anymore…

Apr 10, 2015 at 11:49 am |

Bit cold in the studio today… @attitudemag #photoshoot

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Feel stupified yet?

Gone are the days of carrying around a toad named Trevor and bumbling through the halls of Hogwarts as the geekiest wizard of them all.

Actor Matt Lewis, who played Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter franchise, is officially hot – like really, really hot.

We all saw the progression as he matured from a pre-teen to a man in the last two Harry Potter movies – some even checked the credits to be sure it was the same actor – but now Lewis is getting some extra added attention after posting a shirtless picture on his Instagram account.

The image was taken during Lewis’ photo shoot for Attitude Magazine, which touts itself as “the U.K.’s best-selling gay magazine.” So you can expect to see some more steamy Longbottom shots out there in the world again soon.

Up the Bunnies. #SSTID

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It was only last March that Lewis decided to make his IG account public – and boy was the public impressed by the treasure trove of selfies he’d been hiding. Lewis has clearly transformed into a confident, successful, all-grown-up actor, and will likely strike some deals in the future given his newfound attention. The caption for his account? “Actor. Man. Rugby League Fan. Hey, that rhymes.” So don’t worry, he hasn’t lost all of that nerdiness in his transformation.

The Sorting Hat never makes a mistake – there was a brave, sexy Gryffindor inside of Neville all along.

Here are some more studly posts.

Shortly before it all got out of hand… @realscottmills

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For England, James?

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Now check out Neville’s complete transfiguration

Matthew Lewis/Neville Longbottom growing up and is now playing a hot soldier

You’re going to want to see this transformation!! And, no, Matt Lewis didn’t drink any polyjuice potion. Can you believe it?