You Can Now Send Your Frenemies a Fart in a Jar

May 15, 2015 at 4:51 pm |


A Fart in a Jar

So this is what the internet has brought us – you are now capable of sending customized farts in jars to the people we love to hate, or hate to love.

The trend of sending anti-gifts is on the rise. And after Cards Against Humanity sent out boxes of literal bullshit to their customers, clearly farts in a jar were on the horizon. The process of sending a jart (a jar + a fart) is relatively simple. First decide what type of fart you’d like to send (current scents range from an 8-hr trucker fart to a hungover frat boy and competitive eater.) Then write a short note of vindictive triumph to your recipient that will placed within the jar itself.

Are the farts real? They claim that the smelly pocket of air is made from “100% real odor,” which doesn’t really clarify one way or the other. But they do rush order the jarts so that it doesn’t lose its juicy scent, and claim that they all smell pretty bad. But remember, farts are literally made up of tiny poo particles, so you’d better think hard about who deserves your hand-delivered stink bomb.

And remember, “violence solves nothing. But a passive aggressive air biscuit, packaged in a classy clear jar sends just enough of a message without killing anyone.”

Jar + Fart = Jart. Why send one? ‘Cause someone in your life probably deserves it. Who would yours go to?