Nicki Minaj Impersonates Kim K. on SNL, Nude Photos Not What You Think

Dec 8, 2014 at 12:50 pm |

If you haven’t seen the photos of Kim K. in Paper magazine trying to “break the internet,” you could’ve caught them on SNL Saturday night (Dec. 6).

Well, they weren’t the exact photos, but still entertaining nonetheless.

In the “Weekend Update” segment of the show, Nicki Minaj portrayed Kim Kardashian and was there to explain why the photos were taken and what they were really supposed to convey.

Although the photoshopped backgrounds weren’t real, seeing Nicki Minaj’s head photoshopped on top of Kim’s body was the more hilarious part.

Check out the skit for yourself…

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Nicki Minaj took over SNL, including a hilarious portrayal of Kim K. Watch here!