Norman Reedus Celebrates 45 Years of Awesomeness

Jan 8, 2014 at 12:31 pm |

If you think “The Walking Dead’s” Norman Reedus is anything at all like his backwoods alter ego, Daryl Dixon, you’re barking up the wrong world traveler. Reedus is anything but conventional, having dined on the delicacy of snake atop China’s Great Wall and hosted his own art exhibit inside a New York City Gallery. Outside the confines of AMCs blockbuster show, Reedus may be a man of contradictions in his ever-present 5 o’clock shadow and understated designer wardrobe — but not a one of them screams, “redneck”.

Diehard fangirls (and boys) of the show that changed the face of drama on television, follow the life and times of Norman Reedus with a passion akin to stalking. There are even Facebook pages with words like Reedus and stalking in the titles. But if the darker side of fame gets to our hero, he hides it well, coming across as one of the nicest, most normal guys you’d ever want to meet.

Reedus turned 45 in early 2014, prompting a reflection on the life and times of this Florida-born Georgia boy.

Seasoned World Traveler

According to Reedus,”Tokyo makes Manhattan look like Provo, UT.” He tossed this delicate little gem into the ring during a recent Conde Nast Traveler interview with Molly Fergus. Reedus likes traveling — a lot. His tales of airplane rides spent with adoring fans not withstanding, Reedus takes too-close flashes and back-of-the-head snapshots in stride. But he feels as at-home on a jet-liner, streaking halfway around the world, as a real redneck might feel perched on a bar stool and swathed in flannel.


Yes, bad boy Norman Reedus has a soft spot for cats. And not just cats. In May of last year, Cruelty Free International announced his addition to their list of celebrity supporters. The Reedus campaign featured a publicity shot of Reedus wearing a Cruelty Free International t-shirt and posing with a cat, but in his speech, Reedus called for amnesty for all animals used in cosmetic testing — rabbits and guinea pigs among them.

And that’s not the first pic you’ll find of Norman Reedus holding a cat. Fans of his Facebook page and Twitter feed are more than familiar with Norman’s own cat — Eye in the Dark. A big, black mountain of friendly looking feline named by Reedus’ son, Mingus.


Between acting, running his own production company and hosting showings of his own art, Norman Reedus could be called a Jack-of-all-Trades. Unlike many who came before him, however, he seems to have mastered them all. An avid photographer, Reedus’ book, “The Sun’s Coming Up…Like a Big Bald Head”, is a collection of photos that give us a little insight into how the world looks when you’re a sensitive guy who totes a badass crossbow to survive.

Happy Birthday Norman!

If you think “The Walking Dead’s” Norman Reedus is anything at all like his backwoods alter ego, Daryl Dixon, you’re barking up the wrong world traveler. Reedus is anything but conventional…