NY Jets Help High Schooler Ask Her Friend With Autism to Prom

Apr 1, 2015 at 3:09 pm |

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Sarah Kardonsky came in with some big plays this year to ask out her date for prom!

The high schooler at Division Avenue High School in Levittown, New York, drafted the entirety of the New York jets to get major Jets fan Michael Pagano, a student with high-functioning autism, to take her out for the big night.

Kardonsky allegedly reached out to several of the team’s players through social media (the powers of Twitter!) and got them to record short clips of them suggesting that he ‘go to prom with Sarah.’ Sarah then stitched the videos together, tacked on her own ‘ask’ at the end, and presented the video during class (while Pagano was wearing his Darrelle Revis jersey, no less).

Kardonsky nailed it between the posts – and received a big hug and an even bigger yes.

Originally, Pagano had asked Sarah to the prom, but the high schooler had already committed to another date, says ABC. But after making a few arrangements, shifting her schedule, and rearranging her dance card, she cleared the evening to make it a special one for Pagano.

Michael thanked the team on Twitter for making his prom dreams come true, and the team responded by footing the bill for some swanky transportation on the big night.

“I’m thinking about wearing a green and white tux,” said Mike Pagano to ABC.

Here’s to a magical evening you two!


NY Jets Help High School Ask Autistic Friend to Prom

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SO CUTE! He said yes! Watch this high schooler make a major offensive play for the win!