Paul Walker Leaves His Estate to 15-Year Old Daughter

Feb 7, 2014 at 8:00 am |

Paul Walker Leaves Estate to Meadow

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He played a main role in one of the most successful movie franchises in the history of movie making.  He gave much of his time to charity.  Paul Walker was an all around great guy and it is so very unfortunate that his life was cut short.  Fortunately, though, The Fast and The Furious actor had created a will before he died.  There were many things outlined in the will, especially in terms of who would inherit his estate.

Just how much was Paul’s estate worth?  It’s been reported more than $25 million.  In his will, he stated that in the event of his death, all of his estate should be passed on to his daughter, Meadow, who is now 15 years old.


While it’s always a good thing to create a will, there are few things about Paul’s that are leaving some questions hanging in the air.  For starters, Meadow lives with her mom, Rebecca.  Under the will created by Paul, he stated that he wanted guardianship of Meadow to go to his mother in the event of his death.  Is there something that we’re missing about Paul’s and Rebecca’s relationship?  Why wouldn’t he want his daughter to live with her mother?

The will was filled with the court on January 28th, and it explicitly states who is to be the executor of Paul’s estate, his father.  The will was prepared way back in 2001, and one would think that the public would have since gained an insight as to why Paul would want his mother to be guardian of his daughter.  As for right now, though, we are left in the dark.

The only thing that’s known for sure is Meadow has become a multi-millionaire.  It is believed that she will have full access to the $25 million estate once she turns 18.  Until then, her guardian will have access to the estate as well as say-so on how Meadow can spend the funds.  With the Fast and Furious franchise being so successful, Paul’s estate is expected to grow by the millions over the next several years; this means even more money for Meadow.

It’s no surprise that Paul Walker left his estate to his daughter; however, it is confusing as to why he asked for his mother to be named his daughter’s guardian.