Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Just Revolutionized NY Fashion Week

Sep 17, 2015 at 5:01 pm |

Ashley Graham Just Proved NYFW Is For Everyone

Ashley Graham NYFW

Credit: Fernando Leon/Getty Images

One of the trademarks of fashion is exclusivity. Admittedly, it’s one of the things that make the industry so attractive, and a fashion event like NYC Fashion Week the place to be. Beautiful men and women, wearing beautiful things, at not-so-beautiful price marks. It all seems so glamorously untouchable, and the ideal “type” of woman walking the runway five years ago might’ve also seemed untouchable down to her height, weight, size, etc.

But recently the fashion industry has been getting a makeover, thanks to industry leaders like size-16 model Ashley Graham, who’s refused to drop her dream of becoming the world’s first plus-size supermodel, and has taken the reigns on steering the nation towards a more accepting standard for the industry.

Ashley Graham Fashion Show

Credit: Fernando Leon/Getty Images

Most recently 28-year-old Ashley made headlines for debuting her new lingerie brand for Canadian retailer Addition Elle, and people are obsessed with not only the styles of the lingerie, but the looks of the women that wore them. Ashley didn’t come solo to the runway, she brought a host of gorgeous models, all determined to help break down the walls of beauty standards in the industry. The show demonstrated such an amazing display of diversity in terms of shape, size, color and type – and we absolutely loved it! But the best characteristic that each of theses women had in common was their confidence.

Ashley Graham is demanding a revolution, and WE LOVE IT. LIKE if you’re happy to see this change.