Poodle Power or Bad Dog? This Poodle Shows His Family Who’s the Boss

Jul 30, 2015 at 11:25 am |

How to be happy. How to love. To smile more. These are things dogs teach us. But not this tough poodle. You might say he’s a bad dog, but we say he’s got poodle power and he’s not afraid to throw it around (particularly on top of the remote control).

cute poodle bad dog

Meet Rusty and his family who lovingly “endures” their cute puppies’ possessiveness and obsession with their objects like shoes or the remote or even our crew’s electric cords. Thankfully this family has one magic bullet that helps them regain control. Can you guess Rusty’s weakness? One hint: it’s tasty! Watch below to see Rusty in action.

It’s Rusty’s world and we’re all just living it! (He’s lucky he’s a cute poodle.)

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This tough poodle shows his family who’s the boss. He’s got only one weakness (don’t we all, Rusty). Hint: it’s tasty.