Surprise! You’re About to Give Birth

Jan 9, 2015 at 11:04 am |

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A Massachusetts woman gave birth on Tuesday, Jan. 6, only an hour after learning that she was pregnant.

23-year-old Katie Kropas of Weymouth, MA went to the emergency room earlier this week because of stomach cramps. Although she hadn’t the least idea, at 10:15, the doctors informed Katie that she was pregnant, and at 11:06 she gave birth.

Katie claims she had no idea that she was pregnant until the doctors did an ultrasound, only to find that she was going into labor.

For the past 9 months, Kropas states that she has been taking birth control regularly, and that she has been menstruating monthly. Furthermore, she never felt the baby kicking or got morning sickness, and she attributed her swollen feet and slight weight gain to working overtime and eating extra during the holiday season.

Baby Ellen Olivia is completely healthy, weighing 10 pounds 2 ounces at the time of birth.

Katie’s boyfriend and mom were also completely surprised by the news. When her mom got the call to come to the hospital, she thought it was a prank. Acknowledging how absurd the situation is, she said, “I’ve heard these stories over and over, and you hear them and you think ‘Oh my God […] how did somebody not know?’ and this and that. And I can tell you that this is real, and true, and it happens.”

But nobody was more shocked than Katie, who is overjoyed by the surprise. Now the family has plenty of work ahead of them; they don’t even have a crib yet.

In the video above, a doctor at South Shore Hospital in South Weymouth states that surprise births happen more often than we think because women who are not expecting to be pregnant are not looking out for signs of a potential pregnancy. After all, TLC and Discovery Fit & Health were able to broadcast the documentary I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant from 2009–2011, which taught us very scary things about our society.

Do we believe Katie? It takes a very special sort of someone to go through 9 months ignoring the signs. While Nana claims to be surprised by the birth in the news segment, we see she still had time to get her nails done before Ellen’s arrival!

We’re happy everyone is healthy, and it goes without saying just how darn cute the baby’s Elvis hairdo is.

This takes “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” to a whole new level! Read the incredible story here.