President Obama Tweets Support to Caitlyn Jenner and Wishes You A Happy Pride Month

Jun 2, 2015 at 5:30 pm |

June is LGBT Pride month and in the last 24 hours, President Obama has led the way in spreading the word with five separate tweets.  Most notably has been his positive message of support to Vanity Fair’s June covergirl, Caitlyn Jenner. From the twitter handle @Caitlyn_Jenner, Ms. Jenner said “I’m so happy after such a long struggle to be living my true self. Welcome to the world Caitlyn. Can’t wait for you to get to know her/me.”  In response, the President offered some encouraging words.

In addition to his recognition of Ms. Jenner’s monumental day, President Obama sent some LGBT Pride Month well-wishes to us all, accompanied by the hashtag #LoveIsLove.

From the @POTUS twitter account, the President has also sent out 3 separate tweets encouraging people to visit the Organizing For Action website, where you can sign up to “show you’re proud of that progress – and say you’re not going to stop now.”

Organizing For Action is a non-profit organization supporting the legislative agenda of the president.  The issues listed on their website include climate change, immigration reform, and “expanding equality” for LGBT citizens, which includes marriage equality and non-discrimination policy.

This certainly is a monumental intersection on the road toward LGBT equality.  With the Supreme Court set to announce their decision regarding marriage equality later this month and the telling of Caitlyn Jenner’s story, it seems significant that the leader of the free world is publicly voicing his support.  Considering the sharp contrast to the President’s predecessor and even to himself before he publicly stated his newly “evolved” support for marriage equality in 2012, this truly is a new kind of Pride Month.  Happy Pride, Mr. President.



President Obama tweeted support to Caitlyn Jenner and has wished all 60 million of his followers a happy LGBT Pride Month. Is pro-gay the new presidential standard?