Ramen Noodle Big Rig Accident Shuts Down I-95

Jan 21, 2015 at 3:58 pm |

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Workers are trying hard to clean up a tasty crash that took place earlier today, Jan. 21, on Interstate 95 in North Carolina.

A tractor trailer carrying Ramen noodles crashed into a bridge overpass today when driver Larry Scholting dozed off behind the wheel.

Sorry to disappoint local college students and bachelors living in their mothers’ basements, but the Ramen has all been contaminated by leaked diesel fluid and is being taken to a landfill.

According to Scholting, “I thought I could make it down to the truck stops in Kenly, and I didn’t quite make it. I kind of drowsed off, and next thing I know I’ve taken out the guard rail.”

Interestingly, the story itself never would have made the news if this truck hadn’t been carrying Ramen, because the image of dry noodles scattered across a highway is admittedly humorous. However, while it’s great that the driver is alive and well, he is extremely lucky tonight not only that his own health is intact, but that no one was killed during this accident.

Long distance truck drivers have grueling, dangerous jobs that often go under-appreciated outside of sappy country songs and late-night calls to Delilah. This story is a harrowing case of one professional driver of 20 years who incorrectly assumed that he could make it another 34 miles from Rocky Mt. to Kenly.

Mr. Scholting is very fortunate that his misjudgment occurred at 4 AM and not at rush hour.

Thankfully the only victim here was the instant pasta. Read more!