Reporter Makes 4-Year-Old Cry On First Day of School

Aug 19, 2015 at 11:01 am |

Andrew Macias Is Going to Miss His Mom

A video of a 4-year old boy being interviewed while heading off to his first day at school at pre-kindergarten has recently gone viral. Why? Because it’s the most adorable 20 seconds we’ve ever seen.

Andrew Macias was doing his best to be a big boy as he was making his way into school on Tuesday when he was asked to give a quick interview with Courtney Friel from KTLA. After Courtney sweetly asks him if he would miss his mother on the first day of school Andrew gives a firm “No” and then tries to laugh away his nerves and claim his newfound independence – but then he begins to fall apart. We understand Andrew – we think moms are the best too.

Reportedly he ran off camera a few seconds later to give his own mother a hug, and then he boldly walked into pre-k and beyond!

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When you see why, you’ll cry too. THIS. IS. ADORABLE.