Rihanna, Kanye and Paul McCartney Turn it Out with ‘FourFiveSeconds’ Video

Feb 3, 2015 at 3:13 pm |

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We were a little surprised when Paul McCartney showed up in Kanye West’s latest single “Only One,” which really should’ve been titled “Only One Note, Because it’s Auto-Tune,” but maybe all they needed was a dash of RiRi to churn out a major hit.

The three recently teamed up to create the first single off of Rihanna’s upcoming yet-to-be-named LP, and the music video was just dropped online.

Entitled “FourFiveSeconds,” the video consists of shots of the trio all decked out in denim while moving around in a simple gray space (that doesn’t look dissimilar to Bieber’s Calvin Klein ad.) It’s simple, classy and allows the song’s star power to shine all on its own. Plus, can you imagine how silly it would seem to surround McCartney with a bunch of dancing babes?

The song was supposed to see its first live appearance at a pre-Super Bowl party this past weekend, but Rihanna decided to hold off on the song’s debut for a bigger and better stage at the upcoming Grammy awards.

If this video is indicative of future projects, it looks like we can look forward to a few stylistic changes from both Rihanna and Kanye.

An unlikely trio? You decide. Check out the hot new video here!