Rumors and Facts about Katy Perry and Her New Ring

Feb 18, 2014 at 7:17 am |

Katy Perry and John Mayer - 2013 Grammy Awards

Source: Huffington Post

Rumors.  It seems no matter where we turn in the world of celebrities, we’re surrounded by rumors, and quite frankly, we never know what to believe.  So, what about Katy Perry sporting a ring on a certain finger?  Does this really mean her and her lover, John Mayer, are going to tie the knot?  Is that even a good idea?  It was just a little over a year ago that Katy was heart broken over John.

Anyways, this past Valentine’s Day weekend was all romance for everyone.  From Charlie Sheen to Johnny Depp to Christina Aguilera, Cupid was shooting his arrows abundantly.  We guess he even hit John Mayer with one because Katy was sporting a ring on V-Day…and yes, it was on that special finger.

No comments have been made as to whether or not the ring was an engagement ring.  We don’t even know if the ring came from Mayer.  All that’s known for sure is that the couple was trotting around Hollywood like they were hott stuff.  Mayer even tweeted, “I got the hottest girl in the game…”

With all these rumors flying around, we thought it would be a good idea to take a step back and look at a few facts, and yes, we know a few about Miss Katy Perry.

Katy spends a lot of her time being kind to her friends.  She even sits around and makes CD mixes for them.  Ah, that’s so sweet.  It’s no wonder Mayer may have put a ring on her finger.

As a younger girl, not that she’s old now, Katy didn’t like having big boobs.  Come on, Katy.  Embrace what you got.  Some women pay thousands of dollars to have big ones.

When Katy was growing up, she was just like every other young girl.  That’s right.  Her celeb crush was Jonathan Taylor Thomas.  Who doesn’t love him?  What ever happened to him anyway?

When it comes to foods, Katy’s favorite is a club sandwich.  Maybe that’s how she stays in such good shape.  To top it off, her other favorite food is Brussels Sprouts.

And if you thought Katy was a classy lady, think again.  Her sister says that Katy likes to pass gas everywhere, in front of everyone.  Ew!  That’s gross.  Maybe that’s why her and Mayer broke up last year.  Maybe he couldn’t stand the way she smelled.

So, what do you think about Katy and John?  Are they really getting married?

Rumors are flying around like crazy about Katy Perry and the ring on her finger. Is it true that she’s going to tie the knot again?