Ryan Reynolds Finally Reveals Name of New Baby Girl, Bet You Can’t Guess

Mar 20, 2015 at 2:10 pm |

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The nation’s greatest mystery: What is the Name of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ Child can finally can be swaddled up and put to rest.

If you remember correctly, the country was up in arms when we first thought the stunning couple’s baby girl’s name was Violet. After all – no one can even hear the name without thinking of Willy Wonka (“Violet! You’re turning Violet, Violet!”) And who wants to be remembered as a big blueberry?

Then, we heard rumor that the future beauty-of-America was crowned with the name James – androgyny is SO in right now. But neither of the parents confirmed, so, sadly (like the goth cousin at a tight-knit family reunion,) we felt left out of the fun family decision.

While some of you were waiting with bated breath for the next Apple Martin, Blanket Jackson, or even Pilot Inspektor Lee (thanks Jason Lee,) it turns out that our second presumption was actually correct: James it is!

Last night on the Today show, Mr. Reynolds finally let the kitten out of the bag – only after joking that they’d named her “Butternut Summer Squash” (which is actually delightful, albeit hunger inspiring) – and admitted that he’d kept the name under wraps for so long as to avoid embarrassing his daughter when she first finds out what the internet is and checks to see what her daddy was doing when she was born.

Turns out we love the name James. Her full name, James Reynolds, sounds like someone who might join Willie Nelson onstage for a one-time-only performance, but that’s cool – isn’t it?

Congratulations go out to the happy young family, but please don’t keep us waiting so long next time!

Ryan Reynolds finally confirmed his daughter’s name. Do you think it’s cute?