‘Saved By the Bell’ Star Screech Arrested for Stabbing a Guy!

Dec 29, 2014 at 2:56 pm |

Dustin Diamond Joins The Cast Of "The Awesome 80's Prom"

(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

Principal Belding definitely wouldn’t approve of Screech’s latest antics.

While you were busy finishing off your Christmas cookies at home, Dustin “Screech” Diamond was out getting wild at his local bar in his hometown in Wisconsin. After a bar fight broke out, Diamond allegedly stabbed a man with a small switchblade. Thankfully the attack wasn’t life threatening, and while Diamond claims he was acting in self-defense, your favorite TV geek still left in the back of a cop car.

A spokesman for the Ozaukee County Sheriff tells the website Diamond was arrested on Friday morning (Dec 14) for possession of a switchblade, reckless endangerment and carrying a concealed weapon.

Screech’s bail has been set at $1,000 – in case your name happens to be Lisa Turtle, or you’d like to help him out.

If you’ve forgotten, this isn’t Screech’s first run-in with negative publicity. Diamond has managed to stay on the periphery of pop-culture through reality shows like Celebrity Big Brother and Celebrity Fit Club. He’s also been sued several times in the past for tax evasion and failing to pay his mortgage, and who could forget his infamous fake sex-tape scandal in which he hired a body double to produce a movie called Screeched: Saved By the Smell.

Diamond returns to court today for a hearing.

Looks like several weeks of detention for you, Screech!


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