Sean Penn & Charlize Theron: Perfect Couple or Perfectly Strange

Feb 15, 2014 at 8:17 am |

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron Grocery Shopping

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Sean Penn and Charlize Theron have been officially outed as a couple, the former friends have let their friendship evolve into a relationship. Neither of these celebs are strangers to high profile romances, Madonna and Robin Wright for Sean and Stuart Townsend for Charlize, so the scrutiny they are about to undergo won’t be a shock for either of them, but is this a couple that makes perfect sense or a couple that is perfectly strange?

Their romance has been speculated about since they spent the holidays in Hawaii, but Theron and Penn waited to make their first public appearance together as a couple on January 11th at a gala hosted by Penn. Since their debut, they’ve been seen all over the place with each other from zoo’s to the movies to just getting coffee.  They’ve not been shy about PDA’s either, whether its kissing passionately in their car or Penn grabbing Theron’s rear-end at the zoo, they clearly can’t get enough of each other.

Just to illustrate how serious they appear to be getting, Penn has been spending a significant amount of time with not just Charlize, but also with her three-year old son.  They’ve done all kinds of things together, from grocery shopping, hanging at the beach, to even camping in the backyard.  An unidentified source claims that Penn is so serious about Charlize that he wants to marry her and adopt her son.

However, not everything is as picturesque as the family portrait they are trying to paint with Theron’s son, it’s been reported that Sean Penn’s children absolutely loathe their father’s new girlfriend.  In fact, neither of them have any interest in getting to know Charlize, and they call even her “Chuckles.”

For a time Charlize was truly Hollywood’s darling Despite their age difference (Theron is 38 and Penn is 53) there seems to be a significant personality difference in these two that makes you wonder about how they could get together in the first place.  But according to anonymous sources, Charlize has managed to bring out the softer side of Penn and has gotten him to show his inner child by playing with her son and even camping in the backyard with him.

What do you think? Do they make sense as a couple or is this truly an odd couple?  Even though Penn’s kids are fully grown, could their objections manage to change their father’s mind or are we looking at another estrangement of Hollywood kids from their famous parents?  Without a doubt there are more interesting developments to come.

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron are officially a couple, and they aren’t strangers to high profile romances, but do they make perfect sense together?